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Please note that we are unable to offer some GP services, including our health screening packages, until late 2019. To find out more information about why, contact us today. We are still able to offer all private medicals.

About Health Screening

Health screening tests are a vital part of preventative healthcare as they can provide a comprehensive picture of your health, identifying any risk factors before they become a serious problem. They can be used to help prevent the onset of serious illnesses including cancer, cardiac disease and strokes.

Many serious illnesses show no obvious warning signs before causing serious damage or even claiming your life. The screening packages from Your Private Health are both comprehensive and varied to assess a range of medical signs, find out more below.

Our Screening Packages

Bronze Health Screen

Cost: £175

This is our most basic health check, but it can identify a range of risk factors that may otherwise go unnoticed. It also allows us to keep a record of your health and is a convenient way to review key medical and lifestyle concerns. It’s the perfect health screening package if you’re someone who is generally healthy, but you would like advice from a GP about your diet, fitness and lifestyle in order to minimise your risks for the future.

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Silver Health Screen

Cost: £275

Very similar to our Bronze Screen, the Silver Screen allows us to monitor your basic health and fitness over a period of time. The main differences between our Bronze and Silver package is the addition of an ECG test. This enables us to understand your heart health. We also complete thyroid tests and  carry out a vision assessment. It allows us to monitor your health overtime and make changes to counteract them.

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Gold Health Screen

Cost: £425

This contains all of the tests that are available on our Silver Screen, but also includes a number of other key tests which can unlock even more information about your health. An additional spirometry test will help us identify issues relating to your lung health, whilst we will also carry out other additional assessments including a cervical smear in women and a prostate exam in men.

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Platinum Health Screen

Cost: £650

This is our most comprehensive screen containing a wide range of tests that cover various aspects of your health. The aim of this test is to dig deep to truly identify any risk factors that may exist, both in your lifestyle and in your body. This test includes a wide range of screens, including lung and heart health tests.

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Executive & Employee Health Screening

Cost: Price on request

The health and wellbeing of your workforce should be an important part of your company policy. Long term illness to senior employees or key staff can cause serious issues for the continuity of your business and cost you money. Our private health screens allow us to discuss your staff’s health and lifestyle, helping them feel healthier and more energised. In any industry, a healthy workforce is often a successful one.