Protecting your health whilst on holiday or working abroad


Please note that we are unable to offer some GP services, including private medical screens, until late 2019. To find out more information about why, contact us today. We are still able to offer all private medicals.

Travel Consultations & Vaccinations

If you’re travelling to an exotic country, either on holiday or for work, you might need to vaccinate yourself against a range of travel related diseases and illnesses. Your Private Health provide a travel health service to ensure you’re protected.

Our travel consultations allow you to discuss your travel plans with a doctor, whilst we can provide the full range of travel vaccinations at our clinics. Book your appointment today or find out more below.

About Travel Services

Travel Consultation

Cost: £60 (Free with vaccinations)

Our travel consultations allow you to sit down with a doctor and discuss your travel plans. We’ll be able to talk you through the vaccinations that you may require to visit a certain place, discuss the risk factors that may be associated or prescribe you medication that will help protect you whilst abroad. These consultations help you gather the information you require before deciding whether to vaccinate or even whether to book you holiday. If you decide to undergo vaccinations with us the cost of this is free.

Travel Vaccinations

Prices dependent on requirements – call for details

We can offer the full range of vaccinations that may be required for your overseas travel. Whether you already know the vaccinations that you need or you want to discuss it with a doctor we can help. If you’ve been vaccinated before you may only require a booster or if it’s your first time a primary vaccination will be required. Prices for our travel vaccinations are available on request and dependent on the combination of vaccines you require. See the full list of vaccines that we can offer below.


Travel Vaccinations Available

Travel Vaccinations Available