Day 2 & 8 Covid PCR Tests

About Day 2 and 8 Testing

Day 2 or Day 8 Covid-19 PCR testing may be required for international travellers arriving back in England . Your Private Health is offering day 2 and 8 Covid-19 PCR tests. Purchase your postal test kit below or to book a clinic appointment contact 0161 519 4448.

In clinic SAME DAY or NEXT DAY Results

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Ultrafast SAME DAY £169; Express next day £99
Postal Kit service: £69 use "order now"

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24-48 hours from sample reaching the lab

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£198 for both tests
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How Day 2 & Day 8 Testing Works

If you’re travelling to England from abroad, you may need to undergo day 2, or day 2 and 8 COVID-19 testing upon your return. What you must do before you travel to England and after you arrive depends on whether you qualify as fully vaccinated under the rules for travel to England.

Visit the government website to find out more about what test you will need.

If you are fully vaccinated you will need to take a Covid-19 test on or before day 2. You can choose to have a lateral flow – see Covid-19 Lateral Flow Test page or a PCR test – see below.

If you do not qualify under the fully vaccinated rules for travel to England, you will need to take two Covid -19 tests – on or before day 2 and on or after day 8.

We offer in clinic PCR tests or you can order home test kits with easy to follow instructions and postage included to the lab. You can choose to attend our Wilmslow Clinic, where a healthcare professional will take a swab, or order your test package online to self-test at home.

To book your Day 2 or Day 8 PCR tests in our Wilmslow Clinic or to arrange postal kit collection at the reduced price of £65, call us today or use the inquiry form at the bottom of the page. To order your at-home PCR testing kit, use the ‘Order Now’ buttons below.

For Lateral Flow tests see Covid-19 Lateral Flow Tests (due to the Government’s recent announcement, lateral flow tests CANNOT be performed for Day 2)

Personal Service

Once you have deposited your sample, it will be sent to an accredited UKAS laboratory for analysis.

Reliable Results

Results and Advice emailed directly to you

Accredited Labs

We only use UKAS accredited labs, our clinic is also now independently UKAS accredited

About Day 2 & Day 8 Testing

  • Red list countries and territories

    If you have been in a country or territory on the red list in the 10 days before you arrive in England you must book a quarantine hotel package and Covid-19 tests through

  • NOT FULLY VACCINATED individuals

    All international arrivals who are not fully vaccinated must quarantine for 10 days, unless they have a job that qualifies for an exemption.
    When you arrive in England, you must travel directly to the place you’re staying and not leave until 10 days have passed. The quarantine period starts the day you arrive in England and ends 10 days after the day you arrived.
    All international arrivals in quarantine are required to take a Covid-19 PCR test on or before day 2 for variant surveillance, and a test on or after day 8 (of their quarantine periods).

    Your Private Health can provide PCR tests for day 2 and day 8 via IN CLINIC testing or self testing home kits.

    Our tests meet the minimum government standards and Your Private Health is an approved provider.

    International arrivals who are not fully vaccinated will still be able to opt in to Test to Release for international travel to shorten their quarantine period. Please see Test to Release page.

    If your day 2 and day 5 (Test to Release) test results are negative, you can end your quarantine period early. However, you still need to take the second Travel Testing Package test on or after day 8.


    From 29th November, 2021, you will need to quarantine on arrival in England and will only need a day 2 Covid-19 test, as long as you:

    • have been fully vaccinated under the UK vaccination programme
    • have not been in a red list country in the 10 days before you arrive in England

    Fully vaccinated means that you have had your final dose of an approved vaccine at least 14 days before the date you arrive in England. The day you have your final dose of the vaccine does not count as one of the 14 days.

    The vaccine must be administered under either:

    •the UK vaccination programme

    •an overseas vaccination programme with an approved proof of vaccination for travel to the UK

    Check which vaccines are approved and the list of countries and territories with approved proof of vaccination.

    Even if you are not fully vaccinated, the fully vaccinated rules apply if you are:

    •under 18 and resident in the UK or a country or territory which has approved proof of vaccination

    •taking part in an approved COVID-19 vaccine trial in the UK or the USA (US residents only for USA trials)

    •unable to have a COVID-19 vaccination for a medical reason which has been approved by a clinician under the medical exemptions process, and you are resident in England

    You will still need to book a day 2 test to take when you arrive in England.

    You will need to:

    • declare that you have been fully vaccinated on your passenger locator form
    • show proof of your vaccination status to your carrier (ferry, airline or train) when you travel

    Read about how you can use the NHS COVID Pass to show proof of your COVID-19 vaccination status.

    On arrival in England, you must take a Covid-19 test on or before day 2 after you arrive. This must be a PCR,  (Lateral Flow Tests cannot be used for day 2 testing)

    You can book this test with Your Private Health, receive your booking test reference code and then complete your passage locator form before you travel back.

  • What about transit stops through countries?

    When you arrive in England you need to follow the rules for the highest risk country or territory that you have been in or passed through in the previous 10 days. That can include transit stops.

    A transit stop is a stop where passengers can get on or off the same part of the transport in which you are travelling. It can apply to ships, trains or flights. Your ticket should show if a stop is a transit stop.

    The rules of a country or territory that you make a transit stop in could apply if new passengers get on and are able to mix with you, you or other passengers get off the transport you are on and mix with other people, then get on again.

    Making a transit stop would not affect what you have to do on arrival in England if, during the stop no new passengers get on, no-one on-board gets off and mixes with people outside or passengers get off but do not get back on.

    If you are travelling to England in a private vehicle, the rules of the countries and territories you drive through apply whether you stop in the country or territory or not. You need to record the countries and territories you drive through on your passenger locator form.

  • Booking your day 2 and 8 travel test package

    There are two options for your Day 2 and 8 Tests.

    You can attend our Wilmslow Clinic where a Healthcare professional will take the swab. You are allowed to travel from your quarantine address straight to our Wilmslow Clinic for testing purposes. This is the quickest way to receive your results.

    Alternatively, you may self test at home by ordering your Day 2, or Day 2 and 8 test package online or by contacting the clinic.

    Both of the above options include one or two PCR tests, cost of shipping to you, cost of shipping back to the lab and analysis of your samples and any UK Government required Genetic Sequencing of Positive results.

    The Travel Testing Package must be ordered before flying to England. Once ordered you will be provided a test reference which you will need to input into the Passenger Locator Form. This is the same as your order number, starting YPH…..

  • Receiving your Day 2 or Day 2 and 8 Order

    Day 2 tests are dispatched to be delivered on or before your day 2 of quarantine.

    Day 8 tests, if required, will be dispatched with your day 2 test package. Please note there may be some delays in deliveries to you due to weekends and Bank Holidays. Our clinic, however, is open 7 days per week for booked appointments.

  • Getting your Sample back to the Lab

    You will receive a Royal Mail Tracked 24 envelope within your test kit to return the sample to our lab. This can be posted using a Royal Mail Priority Post Box only.

    To find your nearest priority post box an collection times visit:

  • How your results will be sent to you

    Results are reported within 24-48 hours from receipt of your sample at the laboratory and will be emailed to you. Please note samples taken in clinic reach the lab on the same day so results will be quicker.