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Your Private Health can offer medicals for a range of needs. Whether you’re a company with employees needing medicals or an individual, we can help. We offer medicals for visas, occupational needs and sporting needs.

We’ve spent years working on our process to make us the quickest provider of private medicals and screenings available. We’re also committed to working with patients to address any potentially tricky medical issues, this gives them best opportunity to pass.

Fastest Turnaround

We’ve streamlined our process to deliver your results with a rapid turnaround time. We’re committed to being the fastest provider for medicals on the market.

Stress Free

We work hard to coordinate your appointments, making them as streamlined as possible. This means you can undergo your medical in a matter of hours.

Best Opportunity

We’re committed to working with our clients to ensure that they have the best opportunity to pass. This includes addressing tricky health issues from the outset.

Personal Continuity

By choosing Your Private Health for your medical you’ll deal with the same doctor from your initial consultation to your final results.

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Our Private Medicals