Private blood testing in Manchester and London for a range of needs


Please note that we are unable to offer some GP services, including health screens, until late 2019. To find out more information about why, contact us today. We are still able to offer all private medicals.

About our Private Blood Tests

Your Private Health offer a wide range of private blood tests. Whether you require a test after seeing one of our doctors or you already know which test you would like to take, blood testing can help unlock the key to a number of health issues.

Our blood testing is straightforward and simple, requiring just a 10 minute appointment. We use one of the most prestigious laboratories in the country, offering fast turnaround times and a wide range of tests. Find out more about our tests and service below.

Our Blood Testing Appointments

Blood Test with Doctor's Consultation

Cost: Laboratory fees only

If you receive a consultation from one our GP’s, they may decide that further testing is required to get to the bottom of your health concerns. This ensures that you have the full range of tests that may unlock the cause of any illness. On these occasions you will pay no phlebotomy costs as the sample will be taken in your consultation. All you will pay for is the laboratory fees.

Phlebotomy Appointment

Cost: £20 + Laboratory Fees

If you believe you know what blood test you require it’s possible to be tested by arranging a phlebotomy appointment. This is a 10 minute appointment where we collect your blood sample before sending it to our laboratory. If you are in any doubt about the test that you require you should arrange a GP consultation to discuss in more detail.

Corporate Blood Testing

Cost: Price on request

As well as offering private blood testing services for individual patients, we can also provide sample collection and analysis services for corporate clients. This could include companies or health worker agencies that require regular tests for hepatitis B immunity or it could be for other specific reasons. Find out more about the services that we can offer by contacting us today.

Well Person Profile Tests

These tests can help you establish key levels for a comprehensive range of markers helping identify potential factors relating to illness, fatigue and overall wellbeing.

Well Person Profile

A comprehensive test against many markers that are key to a healthy lifestyle.

4 Hour Turnaround Time Upon Reaching Laboratory

Price: £150

Well Man Profile

A comprehensive screen against a number of key health markers, including key tests for male prostate health.

4 Hour Turnaround Time Upon Reaching Laboratory

Price: £175

Well Woman Profile

A comprehensive screen against a number of key health markers, including a test for vitamin B levels.

4 Hour Turnaround Time Upon Reaching Laboratory

Price: £175

Our Tests

Below are some of our most popular blood tests that we offer. If you require any further tests that are not included below, please contact us for more information on price and availability. The chances are that if it's tested elsewhere, we'll be able to do it.

Test - Laboratory Cost

Test - Laboratory Cost

Test - Laboratory Cost