Get a Private Blood Test in Manchester for a range of needs


Please note that we are unable to offer some GP services, including health screens, until late 2019. To find out more information about why, contact us today. We are still able to offer all private medicals.

About Our Private Blood Tests

Your Private Health offers a wide range of private blood tests in Manchester and London. If you’re being investigated for a health concern by your GP or under a specialist service, such as a fertility clinic, and require a specific blood test, we can help. Our quick service means a result can be obtained and passed on to your GP without delay, ensuring your management plan continues.

Our private blood tests are straightforward and simple, requiring just a 10-minute appointment with our team. We use one of the most prestigious laboratories in the country, offering fast turnaround times and a wide range of blood tests. Find out more about our private blood tests and other services below.

Private Blood Testing Appointments


£20 + Laboratory Fees

If you know which blood test you require, simply book a phlebotomy appointment. This is a 10-minute appointment where we collect your blood sample before sending it to one of our partner laboratories. The blood test results will be forwarded to you as soon as they are available, via your chosen contact method.


Price Available Upon Request

As well as offering private blood test services in Manchester and London for individual patients, we can provide sample collection and analysis services for corporate clients. This could include companies or health worker agencies that require regular tests for hepatitis B immunity, or for other specific reasons. Find out more about the services that we can offer by getting in touch with our team.

Well Person Profile Blood Tests

These private blood tests can help you establish key levels for a comprehensive range of markers - helping identify potential factors relating to illness, fatigue and overall well-being.

Well Person Profile

An in-depth blood test against the key markers to a healthy lifestyle.

4 Hour Turnaround Time Upon Reaching Laboratory

Price: £175

Well Man Profile

A full screen against a number of key health markers with a focus on male prostate health.

4 Hour Turnaround Time Upon Reaching Laboratory

Price: £195

Well Woman Profile

A comprehensive screening against key indicators for women's health, including vitamin B levels.

4 Hour Turnaround Time Upon Reaching Laboratory

Price: £195

Our Range of Blood Tests

Below are some of the most popular blood tests that we offer. If you require any further tests that are not included below, please contact our team for more information on price and availability. The chances are that if it can be tested elsewhere, then we'll be able to do it too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a blood test done privately is more straightforward than you think. To get a blood test done under a private service, you should ideally find a provider in your local area, such as Your Private Health if you are based near Manchester. Once you have chosen a provider, simply book an appointment. Some companies may require you to do this over the phone or via email. With Your Private Health, you can also book through our straightforward online form for your chosen date and time.

Here at Your Private Health, we currently offer private blood testing services across Manchester. If you require our services but Manchester is outside of your reach, please contact our team, who will be happy to offer advice.

Private blood test costs will differ based on what you need to get tested for, and whether that one or multiple types of analysis. If you already know what condition you need to be tested for, our phlebotomy appointments cost only £20 plus laboratory fees.