Private Sport Medicals to ensure you’re fit to compete with the correct certification

About our Private Sports Medicals

There are a range of sports which require medical assessment and certification before competing. This is to ensure you’re healthy enough to compete without doing serious damage to your body and also to protect your fellow competitors.

Your Private Health can offer a range of private sports medicals meeting the required standards for certification. We can also provide bespoke medical assessments for peace of mind or to allow you to get the insurance you need. Contact us today to find out more.

Packages & Pricing

Boxing Medicals

Certification meeting the Amateur Boxing Association of England (ABAE) Standards

Cost: Contact us for pricing

All boxers competing to amateur standard are required to undergo a strict medical in order to fight. Dr Bani has the ability to carry out this medical and offer you the completed paperwork to ensure that you’re passed to compete. This medical requires you to undergo the following assessments: –

  • Medical Examination – here Dr Bani will ask you a number of questions about your medical history and general health as well as making a number of observations to ensure you are fit to compete.
  • Urinalysis – a urine sample will be taken and analysed to detect levels of sugar and protein to test for kidney damage and diabetes.
  • Eye examination – Dr Bani will then examine the health of your eye and your eye sight as required by the Amateur Boxing Association guidelines.

Boxing Medicals

Mixed Martial Arts Medicals to Safe MMA Standards

Cost dependant on amateur or professional requirements

Dr Rashid Bani has carried out a range of medicals for mixed martial arts competitors as part of the Safe MMA scheme. The scheme requires a range of medicals dependent on your particular standard, status and your previous medical and fight history. Dr Rashid Bani is included on the Safe MMA register, which means he’s tested fighters before and is well informed when it comes to carrying out the medical and filing the paperwork.

Mixed martial arts medicals may include: –

  • Blood tests for a range of conditions including a review by Dr Bani
  • Eye examination
  • Brain scans and review
  • Paperwork filled out correctly by Dr Rashid Bani

We will discuss your requirements and offer you an accurate quote ahead of your appointment.

Motorsports Medical

Medicals to comply with Motorsports Association (MSA) and Federation Internationale De L’Autombile (FDI) for both national and international drivers

Price dependent on tests

There are a wide range of medicals that are required to compete in motorsports both in the UK and internationally. This ensures that you are safe to compete and you don’t pose a danger to both yourself or other drivers.

The kind of medical that you require will depend on the competition you need to compete in and whether you’ve had any previous medicals. Luckily Dr Bani is qualified to carry out any motorsports medical whatever considerations are required. The first thing we will do is request your medical form to understand the requirements before estimating cost. Some of the tests that may need to be carried out include: –

  • Medical History Survey
  • Eye examination
  • Urine screen
  • Resting ECG (for International Competition Licence)

Bespoke Sports Medical

We Can Offer Bespoke Tests For A Range Of Sports and Needs

Contact for prices and further information

We can carry out medicals for a range of sports to ensure you can gain insurance or to enable you to take part. We can also carry out a range of health screens to offer you peace of mind or identify heart risk factors if you are competing in endurance sports.

Medicals can include: –

  • Extreme Sports
  • Sky Diving
  • Scuba Diving

Contact us today to let us know your requirements and discuss your needs.

About our Private Sports Medicals

  • What does a private sports medical involve?


    Our private sports medicals are a private consultation where we complete the full range of medical assessments required to ensure you are healthy enough to take part. For sports such as Boxing, there are strict guidelines for testing in order to gain your license.

    You may be testing for other sports for your own peace of mind or to gain insurance. In these instances we’ll try to understand your medical history and the nature of the sport in order to make an accurate and honest assessment into whether you should take part.

    Identification documents

    If you require certification for a license, then you will be required to bring photographic ID. This is to ensure that you are who you say you are when you are assessed so that we can accurately grant your certificate.


    For most sports medicals we can complete the accurate assessments within your initial consultation. If further examination is required in the form of scans or testing these may be completed following your first appointment or before your first appointment with results fed back to your doctor.


    Once we are satisfied that you are fit and healthy to compete in your chosen sport we will provide you with your certification.

  • Why choose Your Private Health for your medical?

    The Your Private Health team have a long line of experience in providing medicals for a variety of important circumstances. We’ve gone through the process with boxing and motorsports licenses in the past, which means you can be confident that we’ll do all of the tests necessary for you to continue competing without issue.

    By choosing us you’ll benefit from: –

    • Clear instructions throughout the process
    • Opportunity to book appointments that fit in with your schedule
    • Clear information on turnaround times
    • Understanding of the kind of tests that are required to ensure you are safe and healthy
    • Complete certification that meets the requirements of your sport

    If you have any further questions contact us today and we’ll be happy to put your mind at ease.

  • How long will a private sports medical take?

    Most of our private sports medicals will be completed in your initial consultation which lasts about 45 minutes to an hour. If we’re satisfied with our findings we’ll be able to give you your certificate once the paperwork is complete.

    In the instance of bespoke sports medicals, we may require further testing or examinations. These will be arranged with you at a time that suits you, but it may take a little longer for you to gain your certification if required.

  • Is the certificate included in the cost?

    Yes, we include the certification in the cost of our private sport medicals where specified. For both Boxing and Motorsports medicals, this is included in the cost.

  • What form of ID is required and why?

    It’s important that you bring photo ID to your appointment so that you can confirm your identity. This is either a Passport or a UK driving licence. Your photo ID will be checked by the doctor and the nurse and it allows us to confirm that the person being examined is the person on the certificate.