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A taxi medical is a legally required examination for anyone wishing to work as a taxi driver or private hire driver.

Our qualified medical professionals are familiar with the requirement, procedures, and paperwork necessary for obtaining your taxi medical certificate, guaranteeing a straightforward, stress-free process that complies with DVLA Group 2 guidelines.

About The D4 Medical

About Our Taxi Medicals

Unlike the D4 medicals required from most drivers by the DVLA, taxi medicals are required by your local authority. Your Private Health’s Taxi Medicals in Manchester will meet the local authority’s standards, helping you fulfil the necessary requirements to obtain your licence. Our taxi driver medicals include:

Our Price: £75

More About Our Taxi Driver Medicals in Manchester

To be able to carry out the taxi medical tests and release your examination report, we need you to bring a few things with you to the appointment. This will help us complete all of your health assessments effectively and ensure we have everything we require to complete your paperwork:

  • The Local Authority’s Medical Forms for taxi and private drivers – for Manchester, these can be found here
  • Photographic ID – this can be your Driver’s Licence or Passport
  • Glasses & Prescription (if relevant) – these are required to assess your vision if you wear them for driving
  • Medication Prescriptions (if relevant) – if you take any medication on a repeat prescription is required
  • Proof of Address
  • A Medical Summary from your NHS GP

Personal Service

By booking with us you will receive a personal service from Dr Bani, who has over 10 years of experience in providing private medicals for a range of purposes.  He has full knowledge of exactly what is needed to fulfil your taxi medical requirement.

Paperwork Completed

With his extensive history and experience in compiling medicals for a wide range of purposes, Dr Rashid Bani is in the best position to fill out all of your paperwork and ensure your medical runs smoothly.

Best Service

We will go the extra mile so, should any issue arise with your taxi medical, we give you the best possible chance to pass. Our qualified doctors will investigate further, and advise on the next steps and any potential solutions.

Cost & Speed

By establishing special relationships with fully accredited laboratories, we can provide some of the quickest turnaround times in the business at the lowest cost. By choosing to book with us, you can obtain your taxi driver medical hassle and stress-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A taxi medical is a legally required examination for anyone wishing to work as a taxi driver or private hire driver. The taxi medical test ensures that you are physically fit to work as a driver, meeting DVLA Group 2 standards. This guarantees your safety,  that of your passengers, and other drivers.

Use the booking form below or call us on 0161 5194448 to book your taxi medical in Manchester.

A taxi medical is an essential requirement for obtaining your taxi or private hire licence. The full list of requirements includes: 

  • A Full Driving Licence
  • Right to work in the UK
  • Medical Examination

Some local councils have extra requirements, such as:

  • A driving rules and regulations knowledge test
  • A driving skill test 
  • Enhanced DBS certificate

You will need to renew your taxi medical each time you submit a new application for your taxi or private hire licence. Additionally, you will need to renew your licence:

  • Every 5 years between the age of 50 and 65
  • Every year after the age of 65