Whatever your needs, our GP consultations are stress free and simple


Please note that we are unable to offer some GP services, including private GP consultations, until late 2019. To find out more information about why, contact us today. We are still able to offer all private medicals.

About our service

Your Private Health can offer private GP consultations for a wide range of needs. A private appointment with one of our doctors is convenient, quick and affordable designed to fit in with your busy lifestyle. Our experienced GP can cater for almost every need. Find out more about the service and pricing below.

Our Consultations

Telephone Consultation

Pricing: £50 (London), £40 (Altrincham)

Not all consultations need to be completed through a face to face appointment. Sometimes it’s possible to get exactly what you require over the phone. Telephone consultations can be used for a variety of purposes including obtaining letters for specialist referrals, carrying out medication reviews for existing patients, following up on results or medical progress.

Standard Appointment - 15 Minutes with a Doctor

Pricing: £55 (London), £55 (Altrincham)

Our standard GP appointment is 15 minutes which from our experience is long enough to help with most health problems that people have. In this time together we listen, examine and formulate a plan with you to find the best answer which addresses your concerns.

Extended Appointment - 30 Minutes with a Doctor

Pricing: £95 (London), £95 (Altrincham)

Should you feel that you require a longer period of time to discuss your health with a doctor then book a 30 minute appointment. This allows more time for multiple health problems, complex medical history, chronic disease management or formulating detailed treatment plans.

GP Services

In addition to standard private GP appointments, Your Private Health can offer a number of routine services as part of your appointment. We’ve listed the most common below. If you require any of these, simply tell us your requirements when booking your appointment.

Blood & Allergy Tests

We can carry out a range of laboratory tests to get to the bottom of your health concerns

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We can give you the medication to get back to full health and stay fighting, including repeats

Price: £10 

Sick Notes & Letters

We can help with your needs if you require a doctors letter for any purpose

Price: £15 for Basic Letter

Onward Referrals

We can handle your onward referral following your consultation if required

Price: Free

Sexual Health & Family Planning

We can offer a wide range of sexual health tests and screening packages

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Hay Fever Injections

Don’t let hay fever spoil your spring and summer. Book your injections as part of a consultation.

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Health Screening

Our medical screening packages that can screen for major disease risk before it takes hold

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Specialised Medical Examinations

We can carry out a wide range of specialised medical examinations

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Vaccinations for Children & Adults

We can carry out routine vaccinations for both adults and children

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Travel immunisations

If you’re visiting a tropical country, you’ll want to pay a visit to our travel clinic before you go

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Medico-Legal Reporting

We have carried out a range of services for the medico legal industry

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Ear Syringing

This routine appointment will help clear blockages and improve your hearing ability.

Price: £75 (Both Sites)